Refund Policy

Refund Policy

If, for any reason, you are unhappy with the purchase performance of our
products, you are entitled to a full 100% money-back refund of your purchase
price. (Less shipping costs). In order to obtain a refund, the following
instructions must be followed:

(1) If the product(s) has not been used, you must return the product(s)
within 30 days of the original purchase date, together with a short note
stating "what" is being shipped back, and "why" it is being returned; or

(2) If the product(s) has been used, you must return the unused portion of
the product(s) in its original container including any full, partially full
or empty bottles within 90 days of the purchase date, together with a
letter indicating the procedure followed during product use, the end results
of using the product, and "why" you are dissatisfied with the product's
performance. Upon receipt of these, a full refund of the purchase price will
be immediately made to the purchaser, and your feedback will be promptly
reviewed by our Quality Assurance Department as part of our continuous
quality improvement program to insure complete customer satisfaction.

(3) In order to take advantage of this guarantee policy you must try the
product(s) for at least 60 days. We only refund those users who have tried
the product for at least 60 days.

(4) This guarantee is not effective for any 1 month supply purchases or

4 month supply package is actually a 5 month supply since you recieve the
5th bottle free, 5 bottles, 90 pills per bottle, 3 pills daily.

Also all costs are covered in the purchase price, there is no tariffs or duties you can expect upon delivery.